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Higher PT Salary Guide

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How to Negotiate a Higher PT Salary
and ACE Your PT Job Interview

This guide was written by an MBA turned PT and a PT clinic manager who decided it was time to give Physical Therapists the upper hand in a job interview. 

They wanted to hear more testimonials like this:

So they 'wrote the book' on PT Job interviews to prepare new PT graduates and existing Physical Therapists with strategies and tips to ace an interview and negotiate the best offer. 

In the Higher PT Salary Guide, We Include:

  • 2 Sample Resume Templates - Completely Editable
  • 2 Cover Letter Example Templates - For New Grads and Existing PTs
  • 35 Interview Questions and Strategies for Answering
  • Our PT Job Interview Checklist
  • Salary Comparison Spreadsheet
  • Negotiation Scripts to Command a Higher Offer
  • + over 45 pages of valuable resources guaranteed to set you apart from the competition.

Invest In Yourself – Don’t Settle for a Low Paying Physical Therapy Job with Mediocre Benefits

The Higher PT Salary Guide is for you if:

  • You value learning from PT Clinic Managers / Expert Interviewers
  • You want to avoid ‘blindly’ sending your application to PT Jobs, hoping your resume includes the right information
  • You feel that your interview skills could use a little extra push to help you demonstrate that you are a great fit for your next PT Job.
  • Want to ask for that 20% increase in pay, but you're not sure how to phrase it.

3 Options for Purchase:

  • $10:  2 Resume and 2 Cover Letter Templates Only
  • $20:  Higher PT Salary Guide eBook Only
  • $25:  Everything: Interview Guide & Resume/Cover Letter Templates

Here's The Thing:

You will likely get a job offer whether you purchase this guide or not.  The question is this: How much more would that job offer be if you used the strategies included in the Higher PT Salary Guide? 

Negotiating even just $0.50 more cents an hour translates into $1,040 extra dollars in your pocket.  Our negotiation scripts will give you the confidence to ask for much more than $1,000 a year in higher salary.  

Invest In Yourself

This resource is for:

  • The new PT graduate who is looking for their first job, but doesn’t feel confident in knowing how much they’re worth and how to relay this through their resume and interview.
  • The current Physical Therapist who wants to look for a better opportunity, but feels ‘out of the game’ and gets frustrated just thinking about the work it will take to change jobs.
  • The Physical Therapist who is looking to change their specialty or setting altogether and needs insight for promoting their skills.
  • The PT who is returning after taking some time off. They’re looking to sharpen their interview skills and to create a killer resume to land an awesome job.

You didn't invest thousands of dollars in Physical Therapy school to graduate and enter the workforce at the lowest salary possible.  

The Higher PT Salary Guide equips you to ask for what you're worth and then some.  

Purchase the Higher PT Salary Guide and set yourself up for success on your next career move. 

3 Options for Purchase:

  • $10:   2 Resume and 2 Cover Letter Templates Only
  • $20:   Higher PT Salary Guide eBook Only
  • $25:   Everything: PT Salary Guide & Resume/Cover Letter Templates
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Higher PT Salary Guide

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