21 Days to Better Balance


As a physical therapist, I hear these comments all the time.

But when I got off the phone with my dad who told me his balance feels off sometimes, the comment hit home a bit more. 

 He was describing the exact thing I hear my patients say:

You might relate to my dad who feels that he should be able to be active at age 63 and work without feeling unstable or worried that he’ll trip and fall.

It’s so rewarding to watch someone become stronger and more stable in my physical therapy clinic.

But it’s so frustrating to think that family members and friends are struggling with their balance and don’t have the tools they need to improve their balance.

But the truth is that 1 in 4 Americans over age 65 will fall this year.

It’s the number 1 reason why older adults end up in the hospital.

We work so hard all our lives, saving for our retirement, and could end up spending thousands of dollars recovering from a fall...or even worse.

What are My Options to Improve Balance?

There’s no doubt in my mind that a customized home exercise program from a physical therapist can help you feel more stable and stronger and improve your balance.

Having a structured approach to improve your balance through strengthening, stretching, and balance training exercises is a key component to the rehabilitation process.

Going to a physical therapist is the absolute best way to get a customized plan for your balance.

If you’re tired of feeling unsteady and want to continue to be active without fear of falling in or out of your home, consider downloading the 21 Days to Better Balance Program.

21 Days to Better Balance

Physical Therapy is considered the gold standard for improving balance and restoring strength and stability. As a physical therapist, I created the 21-Days to Better Balance system for people who want a structured approach to improve balance, strength, and stability.

For 21 days, you’ll progress through a daily exercise and balance training routine that is simple and effective. Each day is listed on a single page with clear images and instructions that are simple to follow.

Every day includes 5 to 6 movements for improving your balance and no one day is the same.

This method of muscle confusion is an effective way to combine balance training with strengthening, stretching, and cardio exercises.

Tracking Progress

When you download the guide, you’ll get access to the 21 Day Balance Calendar that gives you a quick view of the day and tracking to stay accountable.

What is Included?

You’ll have immediate access to the full guide and can print all 36 pages of the system to start improving your balance immediately.

Within the guide, you’ll get access to:

  • Quick Start Guide: Why is my balance off?
  • Daily Balance Routine (21 unique days)
  • Printable Calendar Checklist
  • Future Updates and Access to New Editions
  • Over 40 Unique Exercises
  • The complete guide is 36 pages, PDF download

How Do I Access the Guide?

The program can be downloaded as a PDF and easily printed for immediate use. You can save it onto your tablet and reference anytime or print it and use the daily exercise pages to guide your balance training.

Frequently Asked Questions

But I want a physical product? Is this only available as a PDF?

Yes, I’ve simplified this balance training to 21 days of unique exercises to perform on a daily basis. When you get a home exercise program from a physical therapist, it’s common to get one or two pages of about 6-8 exercises. This guide has over 40 unique exercises in a clearly formatted structure to guide you to better balance.

Can I just do some exercises on my own and get better balance?

Sure you can create a routine and improve your balance! The problem is that people often start a small routine and stick with it for a day or two, then they stop altogether. The 21-Days to Better Balance program is designed to overcome the mental hurdle of figuring out what you need to do today to work on your balance. Each day you simply follow the routine and make progress through all 21 days without having to come up with your own workout plan. It’s simple, safe, and effective.

Can I buy this for a parent?

Absolutely! One of the reasons I created this is because there are so many people who need balance training, but they may not be willing to seek out Physical Therapy. You can easily download and print this guide for your parents and feel confident they’ll have a safe routine to do at home to improve their balance.

Are there any refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the product, there isn’t a refund option. But think of it like this: you can go to a physical therapist and spend $20 for a copay for each visit (and never get a refund for that!) or you can try this balance system designed by a physical therapist for his older parents and patients. I think it’s worth the investment at the $19 price!

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21 Days to Better Balance

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